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About Coalitions

APTS offers member stations the opportunity to subscribe to enhanced services, which include targeted coalitions organized around specific policy objectives, special funding and revenue opportunities, and other areas of significant interest. Each coalition serves as a resource group, peer review mechanism and sounding board for member stations. Based upon the opportunities and challenges currently facing stations, APTS is pleased to offer member stations three coalitions: the Business Opportunities Coalition, the Education Services Coalition and the Public Safety Coalition.


Business Opportunities Coalition

The Business Opportunities Coalition is about inventing the future: harnessing technological progress and telecommunications policy to the task of creating new service and revenue opportunities for public television stations. This new coalition replaces the Spectrum and Infrastructure Coalition that has helped our industry make its way through the spectrum auctions and prepare for the repacking, channel sharing and other important changes that will come in the auctions’ wake. Now we face the prospect of a new broadcast standard – the first in 20 years and holding the promise of extraordinary new capabilities in mobile service, interactivity, addressability, spectrum efficiency and the new business opportunities that come with them. At the same time, Congress is preparing for a major rewrite of the Telecommunications Act, also 20 years old, which governs our industry in myriad ways. Modernizing this law in ways that advantage public television is a major strategic priority for America’s Public Television Stations, and the members of this coalition will be the leaders in creating our strategy and ordering our priorities. This coalition will also help APTS develop strategic partnerships in the technology, public policy, education and public safety communities to make the most of the new opportunities at hand. Coalition members will have access to the latest intelligence on all of these matters through a series of regular conference calls, special memoranda and other communications. And APTS will rely on this coalition, as well as the APTS board, for guidance on creating a successful future for public television stations.

Again, the issues addressed by the Business Opportunities Coalition will include:

  • The ongoing broadcast incentive auction that will be concluded during this calendar year.
  • The very significant broadcast spectrum repacking proceeding at the FCC, involving critical issues of funding, timing, TV translators and more.
  • The FCC proceeding on the new digital standard ATSC 3.0.
  • Congressional efforts to rewrite the Telecommunications Act.
  • Congress’s, GAO’s and others review of possible changes to the copyright compulsory license laws.
  • Business opportunities for operating in ATSC 3.0 in the repacked spectrum.
  • Strategic partnerships to advance the business and policy goals of our member stations.

Lonna Thompson, Executive Vice President, Chief Operating Officer and General Counsel, and Kate Riley, Vice President, Government and Public Affairs, oversee this coalition. For more information on the Business Opportunities Coalition, contact Lonna at or Kate at

Please take a moment to view members of the Business Opportunities Coalition. For more information about being a member of the Business Opportunities Coalition, contact Tela Hansom-Pitt at

Business Opportunities Coalition Resources coming soon.


Education Services Coalition

Providing educational content and services to all Americans is a fundamental part of the mission of local public television stations, and a unique goal in today’s media landscape. This commitment is a critical part of serving local communities, and, as one of the three pillars of public television, it is a key element in the justification for continued federal and state support for public television stations.

The Education Services Coalition will continue to play a major role in preserving funding for the Ready To Learn program, ensuring that Ready To Learn continues to operate as usual as the new authorization of the Elementary and Secondary Education Act (ESEA), now known as the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA). The coalition will also continue to explore new opportunities for public television through the legislative process, administrative action and outside partnerships.

In the past year, the support of the Education Services Coalition helped APTS successfully preserve Ready To Learn in ESSA. We secured the unanimous adoption of an amendment in the Senate HELP Committee to include Ready To Learn in ESSA, and we effectively shut down attempts to eliminate Ready To Learn on the Senate floor and during the Conference Committee negotiations. We were ultimately successful due to, in large part, the activity, investment and commitment of the Education Services Coalition members.

The Education Services Coalition is made up of APTS member stations from every region of the country, representing all types of licensees. Kate Riley, Vice President, Government and Public Affairs, and Will Glasscock, Legislative and Policy Consultant, oversee this coalition. For more information on the Education Services Coalition, contact Kate at or Will at

Please take a moment to view members of the Education Services Coalition. For more information about being a member of the Education Services Coalition, contact Tela Hansom-Pitt at

Education Services Resources coming soon.


Public Safety Coalition

In recognition of the growing importance of the public television’s public safety objectives, APTS formed the Public Safety Coalition in 2015 to create awareness and promote partnerships with that community. The goal of this coalition is to develop operational guidelines, partnerships, education and funding opportunities that can help our stations and our system build a true nationwide public safety network capable of contributing to emergency communications at the federal, state and community levels. The Public Safety Coalition also creates the opportunity for stations to generate additional revenue by allocating a portion of their spectrum to public safety datacasting. It is important to have as many member stations as possible involved in this work in order to speak with one voice to the public safety community. This coalition demonstrates not only our commitment, but the extraordinary capabilities we offer to potential nationwide partners such as DHS, FEMA, the Coast Guard and the National Guard, as well as state and local agencies.

Lonna Thompson, Executive Vice President, Chief Operating Officer and General Counsel, oversees this coalition. For more information, contact Lonna at

Please take a moment to view members of the Public Safety Coalition. For more information about being a member of the Public Safety Coalition, contact Tela Hansom-Pitt at

Please take a moment to view the Public Safety Resources.

Advocacy Center

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